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We appreciate the opportunity to bring our best-in-class search practices for your next candidate search. WSES delivers excellence from start to finish, allowing us to provide you with the most qualified candidates for your next position.

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Our searches are rooted in the close partnerships we form with our clients. Together we share a commitment to finding the best and brightest to carry out the important work of educating the world’s future leaders.

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We make ourselves available to assist the Search Committee with any issues or concerns about the process. Whether by telephone or in person, we are available throughout the search to assist in anyway necessary.

True professionals

It is our mission to do what is in the best interest of our clients. In order to ensure the highest probability of a successful partnership , w e carefully consider whether the knowledge and experience of the WSES team will best meet your needs.

Experience Does Make a Difference.              

About Us

Our success as a firm is measured by our ability to add value to the search process. Our experience tells us that accurate, thorough, and frequent communications with both our clients and the candidates involved in the search are key elements to this value-added approach.

We take pride in the quality of personal attention we give to representing the client’s best interests in all of our written and verbal communications about the institution. We are equally proud of the quality of our interactions with candidates, ensuring that every candidate is fully informed about the search processes and the progress of the search.


Understanding our client is the key to our search process.

Every search begins with an onsite visit. We want to fully understand the management environment, the scope and responsibility of the position under discussion, the expectations of colleagues and the institutional culture.

Working very closely with our clients, we refine the full range of hiring requirements, agree on a marketing strategy and establish a search schedule.

Then we begin the work of identifying the most qualified candidates in the field. Finally, we present the credentials of candidates that best meet the institution’s very specific screening and reference requirements.

Once a candidate has been selected, we make every effort to bring satisfactory closure to the process – making sure that all of the involved parties are fully aware of the final outcome.


We deliver high quality results.

photo 146458Because of our consistent ability to develop a strong sense of loyalty to clients as well as a reputation for treating candidates fairly and respectfully, we know that we are able to deliver the highest quality of search services. Feedback from clients and candidates alike reflects their deep appreciation for our value-added approach.

Order your copy of the Guide. After your purchase you will receive an email with a download link to the PDF of this document. If you have questions, please contact info@wspelman.com.

Distinctive Features of William Spelman Executive Search

The firm is unique in that its primary mission is to establish a partnership with the client organization to identify, recruit, and assist the institution in hiring top leaders. Client service and satisfaction form a basic premise of our relationship.

We work with candidates throughout the search process, directing them to information sources, answering their questions and serving as a resource which helps them present themselves as professionally as possible to the client institution.

Diversity in candidate pool development is a prime focus for our firm. In recent searches, of candidates offered the position, over 58% have been women or individuals of color.

We are proud of our 96% completion rate and the fact that many institutions with which we have worked return to us to assist in the search for top quality candidates for newly open positions.