Our unique and successful approach to the search process is informed by our belief that when we enter into an agreement for delivery of services we pledge to develop a full partnership with the institution in service to the mutual goal to recruit, screen, vet, and select final candidates for on site visits. We believe the integrity of this partnership and the fulfillment of the desired result relies on full and open communication between partners throughout the process.

We devote significant time to understanding the priorities of the institution.  We seek input from a wide variety of sources including the hiring authority, the Search Committee, peers and direct reports. This collective information forms the basis for the criteria that will be used to recruit a slate of qualified candidates.

We are your advocates, and we have your best interests as our top priority.  We bring all of our resources to bear in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate, drawing from the candidates and their references as much in-depth information as possible to develop a realistic projection of the effectiveness of each candidate should they become the person selected for the position.

Our reputation for treating candidates fairly and respectfully, coupled with a strong sense of loyalty among our clients is evidence that we are able to deliver the highest quality of search services.  Feedback from clients and candidates alike reflects their deep appreciation for our value-added approach.  The same feedback reflects our unique ability to develop a strong relationship with candidates, which significantly improves our ability to provide the Search Committee with a thorough assessment of each candidate‚Äôs ability and potential for being an excellent fit with the institution. 

Additional Client Services

We offer a variety of services to candidates and institutions conducting searches with us.

  • Candidates may register with us to receive custom email notifications when new positions become available.
  • Institutions conducting searches with us may list other open positions on our job board for up to 60 days. This is a complimentary service.
  • We attend industry conferences and provide professional development opportunities from resume reviews to confidential consultations with potential candidates.
  • Our recently published Guide to An Effective Job Search is an essential manual for anyone who is currently in a job search or considering looking for a new position.